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Whiterock Shore Hotel

Branding and Identity Design, Logo Design, Way Finding, Signage

Whiterock Shore Hotel is a hypothetical brand for a university assessment that focused on wayfinding, signage, and brand identity.  For this project, I designed a 12-icon suite and toilet signage set that aids the navigation of the clients around the hotel.
Whiterock Shore Hotel is an establishment providing accommodation, meals, and other services for travellers and tourists. My goal was to create wayfinding signage that visually reflected the simple modernity of the hotel and appeals to the range of differences of clients of the hotel - such as age and background diversity. The suite of icons has round joins but flat caps, which makes it soft, but clean.
The logotype features a shell, which symbolizes its location - by the water - and the typeface sheds a simple and contemporary feel with the lightweight, clean, round and geometric style.

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