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Lolagraphic Jewellery

Branding & Identity Design, Logo Design, Packaging, Art Direction, Web Design, Digital and Social Media, Photography and Digital Enhancing

A  little  bit more about why this project was important to me

I am very proud to note that this was a solo project, and everything was executed and produced by myself. This was something I wanted to do to ensure I understood everything behind a brand or a business.  I think as a graphic designer it is important to know the basics of everything else in order to have more understanding of the overall project and the goals of the client.

It feels great to achieve this goal and to feel satisfied with the final display at this exhibition.

Lolagraphic is a fully hand-crafted, self-designed and self-imagined jewellery brand. At the heart of this project is a commitment to brand identity and packaging design, which sets it apart with a delightful blend of fun and sophistication. From crafting the jewellery itself to curating the visual and digital realms— brand identity, packaging design, logo, photography, social media, and website design.

The jewellery is inspired by contemporary trends, in which silver-plated hardware, pearls, beads and semi-precious stones adorn the world of Lolagraphic. Each piece is a manifestation of structural simplicity and playful bead combinations, resulting in a collection where perfect imperfections are celebrated.