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Festival X

Brand Identity,  Logo Design, Publication Design 


  • Collaborate with each other to identify roles and responsibilities of the team

  • Create the Festival X brand including logo design, typography, style guide and visual elements

  • Pitch the design of the brand and visual elements to the Festival X Team for approval/revision

  • Work closely with the Marketing sub-team to create a suite of digital marketing assets that can be used across multiple marketing channels to promote the festival

Festival X is the University of Newcastle's major end-of-year exhibition showcase for the Creative Industries.

My branding team was responsible for creating a bold, dynamic, engaging visual look and feel for Festival X that can be adapted to all marketing channels to promote the festival.

I explored and created a 3D look and feel and explored a gradient concept in a more detailed way. It represents the digital aspect of design and art that is slowly progressing the more digital the world around us becomes. It welcomes the diverse sense of creative possibilities that is available to creatives as a result of technology. It is fun, simple, and the theme can be utilized in a range of areas such as websites, brochures, and also promotional videos in the form of ‘moving blobs’.

This year, COVID-19 restrictions has meant that the delivery of this festival is a hybrid event. There will be a broadcasting online website platform, where a virtual gallery and live streamed events will be showcased.

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